Elastic?s flexible friend

Delivering projects that cover brand and marketing strategy, digital design, digital marketing, video animation interior and exterior branding and print, the company has grown its client base and works with customers in many sectors including technology, health, education, tourism, leisure, property and construction.

Elastic?s key selling point throughout has been its nimbleness; its ability to anticipate and respond quickly to clients? constantly changing needs ? something which has enabled the company to win and retain new business in a competitive marketplace.

Whilst this has proved to be an extremely successful business model, there have been several tricky challenges to overcome ? not least improving an IT infrastructure which at times has hindered, rather than helped, Elastic?s quest to remain flexible.

Alex Kirby, managing director of Elastic Creative, said:

?Over time we found that our IT systems were getting a bit slower and more unreliable. We were concerned that if we allowed this situation to continue, our client work would be affected so naturally we took action.?

To solve the problem, the company called on Opal to install new efficient servers that made it easier to access and transfer data. Opal also created secure virtual offsite and onsite back-up systems to ensure important files were accessible at all times, even in the event of a hardware or software failure.

Mr Kirby said:

?We?ve only been working with Opal for a short time but already we?re seeing the benefits. We have greater capacity to store files and the systems are working more efficiently. Their team are extremely responsive and reliable, and we?re impressed.

?This is important as some of our clients are pursuing a strategy of internationalisation, where they?re looking to expand into different markets overseas. To do this they need a marketing agency that can help them promote their goods and services to potential new customers ? and an effective communications campaign relies on slick, reliable IT.

?Opal are like us: flexible, helpful and responsive. Now we have the confidence that we can call upon a dedicated IT partner should there be any disruption to our IT systems.?

For more information on how Opal can help you protect your business, email [email protected]